At the high school level, it is often difficult to find positive, meaningful, and engaging presentations for students. ‘Hey Dude, Nice Shoes’ fits that bill. You could hear a pin drop in our auditorium as Carolyn effortlessly related to students with her own stories of bullying, both as a child and as a mother. The advice she offered was helpful and realistic. There was laughter, there were tears, and by the end of it our study body was excitedly signing our No Place for Hate banner and calling the presentation the ‘best one they have EVER been to’. The connection she is able to make with students is deep and authentic. The follow-up parent presentation was just as impactful. In fact, we have plans to bring her back for an encore presentation next school year. Carolyn undoubtedly left a positive mark on our campus. Highly recommended!!

Heather Arnold Stoner
Lago Vista High School Principal

“We absolutely enjoyed the presentation of "Hey Dude, Nice Shoes" a few weeks ago at Caraway Elementary. Our students and staff truly benefited from hearing the message. Carolyn was able to break down the presentation for students in grades K-5. Our students have already begun using what they heard in their interactions with peers. In addition, we heard lots of positive feedback from parents about the evening "parent only" portion. Our teachers has also asked if we will be doing this again next year! This was a great avenue to get an important and serious message to students in engaging way. “

Katrina Bailey
Caraway Elementary School Principal

“ People are still talking about the presentation and we’ve referred to your ideas with the kids all week! The Superintendent wants you go come back next semester!”

Tami Monroe
Counselor, Navarro Intermediate

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